The Response to Circuit Scramble

It has been over a year since I released Circuit Scramble. When I released, I was safe in the assumption that – though I was hugely proud of what I had accomplished – in all likelyhood only my friends and family would see the results of my efforts. I was okay with this, for me this process was about the journey and not so much about recognition at the end. My goals were to take a game to complete, and learn about the process along the way – and that much I certainly accomplished.

But it seems that Circuit Scramble has been better received than I ever could have hoped for.

At the time of writing, downloads are still extremely strong. I’m earnestly a little baffled as to where this came from – no great efforts went in to marketing, or pushing for additional downloads. It appears to have been discovered very organically, and grown because it fills a niche in the puzzle game world that I do believe is going a little unfulfilled. But I couldn’t be more thankful to the many users who have given Circuit Scramble a shot, and have found something they enjoy.

The game is not without bugs and issues – I knew that at launch. There is never enough time to fix everything, and often perfection is an achievable ideas. There has been complaints about the game – most of which are entirely valid, and I accept in my path of learning more and more about this industry. However, it is gratifying to see that the complaint are often outweighed by many, many people who have simply enjoyed the experience, and hopefully learned a little along the way.

Most gratifying of all to me personally has been the emails I’ve received personally with stories about how Circuit Scramble has been used in an educational setting. I’ve heard stories about high school teachers using it as a supplement in their computer engineering courses and parents teaching their children about basic circuits. I’ve even heard it being suggested in University courses as a fun way to practice the basic of logic gates. These were always my highest ambition for the game itself, and it is intensely satisfying to see it used in such a context.

The idea that so many people are playing, and enjoying, something I have created is humbling. It makes me want to keep creating, to keep trying to provide experiences for people – though time can often be the enemy to such plans. But when life calms down, and I find myself with more time to work on my own, you had better believe that my passion for creating games is strong than ever.

So for all of that, I want to thank the players of Circuit Scramble. This has been the most rewarding experience of my life, and I only hope to continue from here.


Rob van Staalduinen